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OEM OFF Highway Interview.JPG

Jeff Moredock, International Project Lead for ISO 23875, reviews the standard with Sarah Jensen, editor of OEM Off Highway

Mining Review Webinar.JPG

ISEEE Board Members Liam Wilson and Jeff Moredock present ISO 23875 in Mining Review Magazine sponsored Webinar. 

Dust control Handbook 2nd addition.JPG

NIOSH Report of Investigations
Dust Control Handbook Second Edition

Long Haul Truck #2.jpg
Longhaul Truck.jpg

ISO 23875 Validation Study Using
ISEEE In-field Testing Method

On August 14, 15, and 16th,  testing was done to determine the air quality within three Large Haul Trucks (LHTs) which travel over gravel roads carrying heavy loads.
The test evaluated the dust concentration levels, CO2 concentrations, and cab pressurization while in real-time, real-world operations.
The tests were performed using the International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers (ISEEE) test belt and in-field test method. The results of the test are evaluated as a part of this study.
Recommendations given are based upon the best practice approach to operator enclosure engineering requirements as described in the ISEEE Advanced Cab Theory Workbook.

Operator Enclosures and Covid-19 Thumbna

Research demonstrating the benefits of
ISO 23875 in reducing the spread of

Covid-19 in operator enclosures

Testing of cab.png

Pilot evaluation of
ISO 23875 installation on
Cat 775G Haul Truck and
Cat 982M wheel Loader 


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