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We are on a Mission

The mission of ISEEE is to protect the lung health of equipment operators through research, education, and consultation in the field of environmental enclosure air quality engineering.

We are committed to developing best practices and educational materials that promote the design, performance, and certification of environmental enclosures that meet the highest standards of safety and health.

By working together with professionals and standards organizations in the field, we strive to advance the science and standardization of environmental enclosure engineering and make a positive impact on the lives of equipment operators around the world.



The International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers (ISEEE), a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization, was established in 2012. Since its founding, ISEEE members have focused on performing research, to develop best practices, and educational material around environmental enclosure air quality engineering to protect the lung health of equipment operators. The ISEEE Advance Cab Theory Workshop is focused on training attendees on environmental enclosure design, performance testing, and certification in their real-world environments. ISEEE provides education and consultation on environmental enclosure air quality engineering.   


Focus on Operator Protection

ISEEE supports the global implementation of ISO 23875 through awareness and education of stakeholders to protect worker health. Where appropriate, ISEEE members will advise, consult, and participate in working groups and committees, including Non-Governmental Organizations, to encourage integrating the international standard into regional standards and regulation.


Support and Adminstration

The work of ISEEE is supported by the contributions of concerned people and companies and through its educational offerings.

ISEEE is led by an international Board of Directors for further information contact ISEEE

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