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The Australian Coal Industry Research Program (ACARP)

ACARP is a unique and highly successful mining research program that has been running in Australia since it was established in 1992. It is 100% owned and funded by all Australian black coal producers through a five cents per tonne levy paid on saleable coal. ACARP

ACARP’s research covers a wide range of important areas including all aspects of the production and utilization of black coal including health, safety, and the environment.

The mission of ISEEE is to protect the lung health of equipment operators through research, education, and consultation in the field of environmental enclosure air quality engineering.

Similar to other jurisdictions (e.g. USA - NOISH), ACARP has and continues to conduct research for the industry to protect worker health. There is a number of research reports relating to dust and exposure management. All reports are available on the website under the Reports tab.


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