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Development of ISO 23875 with Amendment 1
Operator's Maintenance Manual and certificate of conformance documentation 

Who should take this course? Anyone using ISO 23875:2021 with Amendment 1,  to design, retrofit, performance test, certify, or maintain an operator enclosure. The course is focused on implementing the testing, reporting, and maintenance manual requirements. It provides a template for each of these administrative areas, which are designed to save time and speed up the process of operator enclosure compliance certification as required under ISO 23875:2021 with Amendment 1.

World-renown expert and scientist in particle mechanics, Dr. R. Vijayakumar, Ph.D.,  presents a six lecture series on particle mechanics for the non-scientist. In this series, he reviews basic particle mechanics found in everyday life. He then reviews how particles are classified, measured, and used to evaluate air filtration media efficiency. This unique lecture series in particle mechanics will bring to life aspects of particles that impact our daily lives and filter media testing.  

While Dr. Vijayakumar uses some math in his explanations, you do not have to be competent in math to fully grasp the concepts presented in this lecture series. Dr. Vijayakumar serves as the international project lead for ISO 29463 - High-efficiency filters and filter media for removing particles from air.


Aerosols and Particle Mechanics for

Six Part Lecture by
Dr. R. Vijayakumar, Ph.D.
International Project Lead
ISO 29463 - 
High efficiency filters and filter media for removing particles from air

In-Person Workshops


This two-day workshop was designed to educate attendees on the best practices and state-of-the-art approaches for developing compliant operator enclosure air quality. It is focused on the engineer control requirements, design requirements, and the standard and regulatory landscape which drive operator enclosure air quality. Attendees will develop a working knowledge of cab fundamentals allowing them to successfully navigate ISO 23875. The workshop tuition includes the ACTW workbook and a fully illustrated guide through the material.

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