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SafeWork Australia Review of Managing the Risk of Crystalline Silica

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

In mid-2022, there was a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement: Managing the risks of respirable crystalline silica. ISEEE made a submission recommending the inclusion of ISO23875 as one resource for the management of respirable crystalline silica. Submissions informed the development of the Decision Regulation Impact Statement: Managing the risks of respirable crystalline silica, which was considered by WHS ministers on February 28th, 2023. Ministers agreed to the following options as recommended by Safe Work Australia (SWA):

o Option 2: National awareness and behavior change initiatives.

o Option 5a: Regulation of high-risk crystalline silica processes for all materials (including engineered stone) across all industries.

o Option 6: Further analysis and consultation on the prohibition on use of engineered stone including consideration of silica content levels and other risk factors, and a national licensing system for products that are not subject to a ban, or legacy products.

Currently, excavation, earth moving and drilling plant operations, and mining, quarrying, and mineral ore treating processes are listed on SWA as "Work activities that may represent a high-risk exposure".

ISO23875 plays an important role as one control in managing the risks of respirable dust including crystalline silica.


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