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ISEEE Promotes Operator Enclosure Air Quality Through Best Practice, Not Specific Vendors

We have been asked who owns ISEEE and does it exist to promote specific products or companies? This is a fair question that we are pleased to answer. ISEEE is a not-for-profit (501c3), governed by an international board of directors, which exists to promote acceptable operator air quality. It does not exist to promote product manufacturers. If you have been on the ISEEE website, you will see that ISEEE endorses and supports ISO 23875 because it is the vehicle by which acceptable operator air quality is achieved. It is the natural extension of ISEEE efforts in standardization, education, research, and in-field testing.

ISEEE promotes best practices. There are engineering controls that work to support good operator air quality and engineering controls which undermine good operator air quality. ISEEE supports the engineering controls which produce the performance requirements outlined in ISO 23875.

The successful implementation of the standard on a global basis will naturally attract the required resources to fill the demand for products and services which address the needs of the market and in this case ISO 23875. This is exactly what has happened. Today, there are many market players, and the list is growing. We do not and cannot support specific companies, we can and do support best practices that support ISO 23875. Please refer to the ISEEE Policy statement under the "About Us" tab on the home page.

International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers [ISEEE]

We recommend that vendors and service providers get educated on the standard’s requirements. We recommend that end users require evidence from their suppliers that their products and/or services are compliant with ISO 23875.

We are aware of instances where claims of compliance have been made by suppliers when they have never read the standard and are not compliant with it. The dictum caveat emptor (buyer beware) applies, know what you are getting before you buy. The standard was written in understandable language. It includes the rationale for its requirements and has a robust bibliography for those who seek a deeper understanding. ISEEE strongly encourages those who rely upon the standard to read it.

ISEEE created an online course, which is available 24/7 to anyone interested in mastering the requirements of the standard. You will find the course at Much effort has been made to ensure that the standard is understood and applied in the same way around the world. While compliance may sound unnecessary, non-compliant application of the standard may negatively impact operator health.

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May 11, 2023

Thanks for addressing the commercial issue. ISEEE has an extraordinary mission, and it is appreciated. Don’t slow down the minors of the world need their work environments educated and in compliance with ISO 23 875.

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