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Innovation for Safer Operator Enclosures

A few weeks ago, I attended an ICMM Workshop as a part of the ICSV Initiative. This was one of the first held outside of the UK and was well attended by companies, OEMs, and OTPs globally. Firstly, what's with all the acronyms?!? ICMM is the International Council on Mining and Metals, a group of mining companies collaborating to enhance the contribution of mining and metals to sustainable development. The ICSV is the Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles. It has three (3) key initiatives: carbon-free surface vehicles, vehicle collision avoidance, and reduction in particulates (Diesel Particulate Matter focus). OEMs are the Original Equipment Manufacturers, and OTPs are the Original Technology Providers.

How does this relate to dust and the prevention of dust-related occupational disease, you ask? The answer is an operator air quality standard, ISO 23875 has galvanized all of the stakeholders responsible for the life cycle of the operator enclosure to sustain machine operators in a healthy environment. ISO 23875 has achieved a remarkable level of stakeholder buy-in allowing a great idea, and good operator air quality, to become a reality in the world's harshest mining environments.

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